How to buy shop for a dry cleaner.

Over the life of your clothes, you actually spend more cleaning them than buying them.

But how often have you shopped for a cleaner? Oh, we know. You figure cleaners are all more or less the same. After all, how complicated could be too dry clean and launder clothes? And most dry cleaners use the same kind of equipment to give you the same kind of service, don't they?

Well, the simple fact is, they don't.

Longer lasting clothes.

Heat, moisture and dirt destroy your clothes.

So, Sunny Fresh has a special computer controlled dry cleaning machine that constantly monitors heat to prevent shrinkage.

Automatically dispenses fluid to maintain just the right moister level. And even gets your blouses, slacks and suits cleaner because the most sophisticated filtering system available constantly cleans the cleaning fluid. That way, your clothes don't get washed in their own dirt. Or someone else's either.

Sure, on machines cost a little more than the ones used by most cleaners. But the result is cleaner clothes that last longer. And isn't that why we're called cleaners in the first place?

Why you should give us the shirt off your back.

Frankly, we think we treat our shirts better than a factory that does thousands per hour in scalding water, often with grimy work clothes. For people they never see.

Sunny Fresh separates your shirts by color and fabric, puts them in protective nylon mesh bags and washes at precisely the right temperature. What's more, we use a special conditioner that relaxes fibers so they've released dirt and a balance detergent to keep acids and alkalies from eating them away. Then we rinse twice to really clean.

But we don't stop there. We press your shirts at lower steam temperatures with real corn starch to keep the fibers from breaking down. And we use all-cotton, easily removable labels that won¹t mar the fabric­or scratch your neck. We even give you the choice of difference starch levels.

The result? A great looking, long-lasting shirt than just the way you like it.

Naturally, all this takes more time and effort. But we figure if your clothes are still around years from now, you'll still be bringing them around to us.

Not just for man.

Sure we do a great job on men's clothing. But the fact is, women buy beautiful beaded gowns. Delicate silks. Crisp, cool linens. Not to mention intricate laces and brocades. All have to be cleaned just right to look just right. The secret? Lots of handwork and experience.

Let Sunny Fresh worry about your delicate fabrics. You won't have to.

What buttons?

Cleaner, longer lasting clothes are only half the battle. We automatically repair broken buttons and do minor mending, even if it's not our fault. Hang your sweaters on special hangers, wrapping them in treated paper to keep them from becoming moth food.

Sunny Flesh also tests and isolates your delicate fabrics for special handling. And our staff is expert at getting out those tough stains that no one else will handle. Even from difficult fabrics like silk.

It¹s just years of experience combined with different solutions to treat different stain problems. We never ask you to sign a release either. Late evening, the early morning, and Saturday hours, not to mention more counter staff, means we work around your schedule. You don't work around hours.

Our full service tailor stands ready to help­whether you need a seam re-sown or a suit taken in.

And because we do everything right here, it's done right now. That means the longest you wait is until tomorrow. And if you need it today you get it today.

A good cleaner is hard to find.

When not that easy to find until you know where we are. But the fact is, we're only minutes away from anywhere in the Orange County airport area on the corner of Bristol and campus. Discover Sunny Fresh, and what your clothes have been missing.


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