Think of your clothes as rags.

Because all too often, that's how they're treated.

What would you say if we told you most of your laundry is sent to a factory that does thousands of pieces an hour for customers they never see?

Maybe that's why most wholesale laundries dump clothes into harsh detergents and scalding hot water. Or why most don't bother to sort by color, and spot clothes before they're cleaned, when spots will still come out. Even why they do everything else simply as fast, not as well, as it can be done. After all, why should they care?

So, unlike other cleaner's, we do everything right here. That way, we can strictly control quality from the minute your clothes get here until you pick them up.

And you also don't have to worry about your clothes getting trucked all over the county. Fewer ways to lose clothes means fewer clothes to get lost.

We separate shirts and blouses by color, and wash them in precisely the right temperature with a special fabric conditioner and pH balanced detergent, manually adjusting the water level for every load. We even put your clothes in nylon mesh bags that both protect and help clean–because as they gently bump against each other it helps work the dirt out. Then we rinse twice.

Finally, we press at a lower steam temperature with real corn starch to keep the fabric from breaking down. We give you a choice of five starch levels, too.

All this takes a little more time and effort. But your shirts get new life, and a new look.

Special care for special clothes.

Some clothes just can't be cleaned by machine

Like intricately beaded gowns. Cool, crisp linens. Delicate silks. Not to mention laces and brocades. All have to be cleaned just right to look just right.

So how do you clean that special gown, dress or suit without destroying it? Your best bet is to combine careful handwork and years of experience.

Like we do at Sunny Fresh.

Fountain of youth.

We have a different way of dry cleaning, too. First of all, we pre test your clothes and isolate delicates for special expert handling. What's more, our expert spot removers can get just about anything off just about anything­even delicate, tough to clean fabrics like silk.

But the real villains, as far as your clothes are concerned, are heat, moisture and friction from dirt that grinds them to dust.

So Sunny Fresh has a special computer controlled dry cleaning machine, a Rencazzi for those interested in exotic Italian machinery, which constantly monitors heat to prevent shrinkage.

Automatically dispenses fluid to maintain just the right moisture level.

And even gets your clothes cleaner because the most sophisticated system available constantly cleans the cleaning fluid. That way, your clothes don't get ground down by dirt.

Sure, our Rencazzi cost more than most dry cleaning machines. But we figure it, and our dry cleaner with 15 years of experience, gives you cleaner close that last longer.

And isn't that just exactly what a cleaner is supposed to do?

Test our spotless reputation.

Not only do we automatically get the spots off your clothes, we do minor mending and repair broken buttons. Even if it's not our fault. Even if you don't ask us to.

That's just one of the extras that doesn't cost extra at Sunny Fresh.

We also hang your sweaters on special hangers, and wrap them in treated paper to keep them from becoming moth chow.

Late evening, early morning, and Saturday hours, not to mention more counter staff, means we worked around your schedule. You don't work around hours.

And most importantly, because all your clothes are done right here, they're done right now. That means today, or at the latest tomorrow.

The simple truth is, all this is just our way of really caring what you look like. And it shows.

A real find that may be tough to find.

We think the special way we treat your clothes makes us a real find. And you can do just that, find the Sunny Fresh nearest you by clicking on Locations. Because even though we may be a little out of the way, we're only minutes away.


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