Ask him what he does with your clothes. You may get some very surprising answers.

Factory Fresh?

For starters, most cleaners send their laundry out.
That means your clothes are often dumped, unsorted, into scalding water and harsh detergents. Many times with work clothes from garages and gas stations. And that's after they've been trucked all over town.

It's a factory approach to cheap laundry.
At Sunny Fresh, we do things a little differently.

For starters, we do our laundry right here. That way we control what happens with your clothes from start to finish.
We sort your shirts, blouses, and other laundry by color and fabric, pretreat them with a special conditioner to relax the fibers so they release dirt more easily, and wash at exactly the right temperature. Then we rinse twice, to really get them clean.
Finally, we pressed at a lower steam temperature with real corn starch to keep the fibers from breaking down.
We even have special presses just to do your cuffs and collars.
Your shirts gets new life, and a new look. Ask your cleaner if a factory can do that.

Clean Machine.

Dirt, moisture and heat rob your clothes of life.
That's why Sunny Fresh has a special dry cleaning machine that uses 16 huge filters to constantly clean the cleaning fluid so the dirt that grinds your clothes to rags never gets a second chance. We even use fresh fluid for your whites and lights.

It's computer controls monitor and adjust moisture and temperature to precisely the right levels. So your clothes don't fade or shrink.
Sure, our machine is more expensive than most. But the simple fact is, it gets your clothes cleaner and makes them last longer. And isn't that just exactly what you go to a cleaner for?
So who makes this miracle machine for your clothes? Rencazzi. Ask your dry cleaner if he has one.

Hand vs. Machine.

Sure our machines get most of your clothes cleaner and make them last longer.
But there are some things a machine just can't clean. Like beautiful beaded gowns. Delicate silks. Crisp, cool linens. Not to mention intricate lace and brocades. All have to be treated just right to look just right.
The secret? Hand work and experience.
Ask your cleaner what he does by hand vs. machine.

When's the last time your dry cleaner made you smile?

Cleaner, longer lasting clothes are only the beginning.
At Sunny Fresh, every piece of clothing is inspected individually and touched up if necessary. We don't ask whose fault it is, we fix it. And our expert spot removers can get just about anything off your clothes–even from tough to clean, delicate fabrics like silk. We don't ask you to sign a release either.
We also wrap your sweaters in moth proof paper and hang them on special hangers to keep them from sagging.
Our full-service tailor stands ready to help you–whether you need a simple hem or your successful diet means all your clothes need to be retailored, we can handle it.
Morning, evening and Saturday hours means we're here when you need us. And your clothes are done in one day–or today, if you need them.
So why do we do all this?
To make you smile. Because we know if you're smiling when you go out, we can smile because you'll be back.

Discover A Find.

We think the special way we treat your clothes makes us a real find. Unfortunately, even though we're only a few minutes away, we're a little out of the way.
But worth discovering.


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